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At Qualified Remodelers, our major goal is to provide you the best commercial and residential awning services you truly deserve. We guarantee you that our services shall be given with great professionalism and highest levels of integrity. You won’t regret availing our services.

We at Qualified Remodelers provide you with the necessities you need for a safe and secure home. Apart from other services we offer you commercial awning services as well as residential awning services. If you already have awnings at your house and only need to get them replaced then you can avail our awning replacement services. They are supervised by our expert workers. Apart from that our awning installation services are also available.

What are the Benefits for having Awnings

You may question why you should have residential aluminum awnings or metal awnings for home services. Rather why you should have awnings to begin with? Following are the benefits for having awnings in your house.

When you have awnings at your house are are able to control the weather according to your own liking. If it is too hot, the home automation system can quickly unroll the awnings installed such as an aluminum patio roof. That will provide shade as well as protection. It has been measured that due to awnings, the heat can be decreased up to 20 degrees. How? The awnings prevent the heat of the sun to directly pass through the windows or glass. For example if you have metal window awnings, that  would result in a cooler environment inside. Further more awnings can help preventing the fading of the interior accessories. For example due to direct sunlight carpets can fade and lose color.

Furniture can also be damaged by the harsh sunlight. Awnings remodeling are a great measure to provide a shaded area for children and pets to play. The awnings shade people from direct contact of sunlight. Thus preventing sunburns. Awnings that are offered today can even come with accessories. Those can increase the versatility the person can get from their aluminum patio covers or decks. It also increase their usefulness. For example if you have a screen room add on then it can very effectively upgrade an awning. The awning then act as a highly functioning bug free open air room. Further more the side screening would decrease the intensity of winds. Even the mist can be cut down. Add few patio lights and you can easily enjoy lovely evenings with family. Lastly in the harsh summer season, these awnings can be useful again. You can use them as solar panels.

Different types of Awnings

There are actually a variety of awning you can choose from. Following are few of them so see and select what suits your house!


You should keep in mind that awnings come in two types

1) Manually Operated Models: These are the ones that you can easily open by hand. They are not automatic.

2) Motorized Models: These as the names suggest are operated by the help of electricity.

Now both of these have their own set of benefits such as

  • Low cost hence they are more affordable
  • Easy adaptability
  • Support arms that can easily provide various angles against the house.
  • Provision of stability
  • Increase an awnings versatility and making it more available for characterization.

Few drawbacks we may find

  • There is no vertical support present for motorized awnings. Since they have unobstructed shaded area.
  • Since modern awnings are available in fabrics,aluminum, fiberglass or other materials, as they are more prone to damage. Strong winds can cause some amount of damage to an extended awning.

Although new designs are available with wind sensors. These  help in automatically retracting the awning in certain conditions. This saves damage and money.

Aluminum Awnings

These type of awnings are widely used for residential applications globally. Few of the benefits they have are

  • They are available in many colors
  • Mostly are painted with a baked-on enamel paint
  • Provide with a cooler temperature inside your home
  • Provide a shade for the patio
  • Protecting your furniture and also windows from harsh weather
  • They have the guarantee of over 40 years. So they are highly usable
  • In case of storms or hurricanes they can fold down and protect the windows

Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings are also one of the popular awnings. They are widely beneficial due to the higher energy cost. People also prefer them where there are no air conditioning facilities available or are too costly.

This type can further be categorized into two more types

1) Retractable Patio Cover Systems

These are the newest addition to the awnings in the market. These are waterproof  thus allow no water to penetrate inside. These stand strong in front of harsh winds. Furthermore, enclose it on the sides by the help of shade screens. This actually gives them a structure that would provide heat in winter. In summers, it can be air conditioned.

2) Retractable lateral arm awnings

These are a modern version of the awnings from the previous century. It consists of tension arms,roller bar and a torsion bar. Hand cranked awnings are still present but due to advancement people prefer motorized awnings. You can operate these motors with remote controls or even through a phone!

Portable Canopies

These come into the category of cost effective accessory. These serve as temporary solution for individuals that want shade. Those who want to enjoy in the shade use these portable designs. These offer versatility and best for the events. The frame can be styles accordingly.

Retractable solar window awnings

These are available with fine fabric and are good resistors against harsh climate. They are counter winter winds or even hails. We further set it to operate according to the sun.

Shade Sails

These provide you with a semi horizontal type of shading. They are available in retractable versions. They provide you utility.

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